Kelly House presents, A Sunday Afternoon With Lisa Gruwell Spicer

 Kelly House Museum web header“Finding Common Ground”

It’s not often a tiny town on the Mendocino Coast becomes the focus of an anthropologist writing a Masters thesis…but that’s what happened in Comptche!

“Finding Common Ground” is Lisa Gruwell Spicer’s in depth look at the back-to-the-land hippie immigration into Comptche in the 1970’s and she will share her stories August 24 at 4 p.m. in the Kelley House Museum at “A Sunday Afternoon with Lisa Spicer.”.

Hippies-Sign-276x300In the early 70s, immigrants (hippies) brought conflict and new ideas to Comptche. How was a Finnish old timer to react when “we’d go down to our favorite swimming hole and there were a bunch of nudies down there?” But some of the ideas the newcomers brought, like consensus thinking, were useful.

Come and be fascinated at “A Sunday Afternoon With” on August 24th, with Lisa Gruwell Spicer at the Kelley House Museum. A seven dollar donation is requested.

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