Mental Health Initiative for Mendocino County

Naturally Mendocino will host a Forum on the Mental Health Initiative for Mendocino County

Revive Mental logoHosted by Skip Taube and Marianne McGee,
Join Naturally Mendocino’s guests, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman and Sonya Nesch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
Currently, Mendocino County does not have facilities for inpatient treatment of psychiatric and substance use disorders. People who need these services either don’t get them, or wind up in jail, or must be sent to hospitals several hours away -an ineffective system that is enormously costly to Mendocino County
  • Raise sales tax 1/2 cent for five years to raise $20 million for new facilities that will provide crisis residential and psychiatric inpatient treatment, alcohol and drug treatment, and training for first responders and mental health professionals
  • Create a special fund for the money raised, and a commission of citizens and public officials to oversee its use
  • Build facilities that serve all of Mendocino County with the services we need locally, creating jobs and providing better quality of care


chuckie e.:

If someone is in crisis on the coast at midnight, what will be the difference between what we have on the coast now and what we would have if the initiate passes and a facility is built? 37 minutes ago

Jen Raye:

what can be done for mentally ill inmates @ Mendocino County Jail–before, during, & after the passage of AB? 41 minutes ago

chuckie e.:

I wish that other people would ask questions. I know that there is a lot of discussion, pro and con, out there. 43 minutes ago

chuckie e.:

Will Sonya Nesch be on the commission to make the determination about what we need? She has been the voice of reason regarding mental health issues in our county. I hope that she’ll be involved. 44 minutes ago

chuckie e.:

I support the measure in desperation but can you relate how you will attract professional staff in the mental health field when we can’t fill positons in Mendocin County now? What will be different?

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