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  • Hello,

    I am the network administrator for Ukiah Unified School District I have been given the task of finding out the cost and procedure of both televising and streaming our Board Meetings here at ukiah unified. Is there anyway you could give us this information on pricing and procedure for our community so that I can get it to the board as an option. Please feel free to contact me via phone also at 7074725072 or email with all information at

    Thank You in advance for any information.

    Lisa Rantala

  • Jeff

    Is it possible to download a video as a file so I can give a copy to a friend with Internet Access?

    • Hello Jeff,
      Yes it is. Could you tell me which video so I can make it available.

  • Jay Frankston

    This is my story. I would appreciate it if you put the following at the end of the story:

    “The story is free. It belongs to everybody. If you want the book, it is published by the author and is available from him, hard cover, in color, and signed for $11.95 + S&H –”

    Let me hear from you.
    Jay Frankston

    • Thank you for your concern Jay. We have decided to remove the post since the video isn’t available anymore.

  • Joe

    Do you guys have a schedule of when and what times you guys are going to air?

  • Scott

    I tried to watch the city council 11/24/14 video but I keep getting an error in replay. Here is the link:

    • Livestream does that sometimes. Sometimes it needs a reload of the page.