Sons of Champlin and Rock The Ground Productions Rock Eagles Hall

Rock The Ground Productions and Sons drummer James Preston brought Bill Champlin and The Sons Of Champlin to Fort Bragg on July 9th 2010.

The old hall hasn’t sounded this good in a long time thanks to some innovative soundproofing material and a great mix played by one of the finest Rock and Soul Bands to come out of the Bay Area, The Sons Of Champlin!

Mendocino TV is proud to record this legendary band and present this exclusive Mendocino County look at the “Sons of Champlin”


  1. Sons of Champlin … @ Navarro Store !!! Sept 11

    yup.. Come and get it!

    Terry, Great job on the video.. want More!

  2. We’re just waiting to get credits to finish this one up and then we’ll go for the next live event in Mendocino County.
    Thanks John, keep the faith!

  3. Twas super! looks like a lot were dancing? They are the best!
    Bill brings it out….It’s good he’s with the Sons again as well as SOLO!

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