India 101 screening was an International Success

LA, New York, Paris and Fort Bragg

Mendocino TV opened it’s doors for their first live International Interactive Internet experience!

Joe Mickey and Sazzy Varga graciously agreed to host our first public foray into the interactive world capable on today’s internet.

Joe hosted a sold out live studio audience from the front of the facility and handed the microphone to the audience to ask questions of both Joe and Sazzy Varga. Sazzy attended the event and engaged with the audience in the session over a SKYPE connection which was on a screen in the front of the room from her living room in Los Angeles.

We did experience some technical difficulties keeping the connections up to Sazzy but the infectious good cheer throughout the viewing audience and their tolerance with internet technology made the whole experience a truly global event. Patricia Hsi from Paris stayed up late into the night to attend, as well as the rest of the viewers worldwide!

Look for the next event right here!

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