Mendo Abalone Watch demonstrates against disparity in penalties

Demonstration at courthouse was highly successful

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A consensus of the many MAW volunteers at the courthouse demonstration on July 31 reflected that it was a raging success.

Petition Follow-up: Bruce has designed a good plan to get signatures over the next two weeks, with individual volunteers taking a packet of 5 petitions (representing 60 signatures total) and a separate single “master” to photocopy if more petitions are needed.  You might carry that with you, along with a sign or poster, and take some of those DFG “In Your Hands” brochures to give out as well.  Let MAW know if you need “support supplies” and Bruce or Rod will get them to you.

Upcoming Patrols

Today begins the second half of our abalone season, with no real minus tides until mid-October.  So we expect almost no rock pickers and lots of free divers.

Self-scheduling has been working but needs an occasional “administrative assist.”  It is difficult to accurately target diver influx, but we’ll most likely see the greatest numbers on weekends and holidays.  If you can work patrols into weekend plans, that’s probably the best approach.

Some volunteers are resuming patrols beginning this weekend.  Others may be too busy getting petition signatures.  We don’t want volunteers burnt out or over-extended.  If you are able and want to patrol, please send out an email indicating that to the volunteer list.  Bruce or Rod will also be glad to resume make some initial connections for volunteers.

DFG California Outdoors Q&As: Tagging abalone with rubber bands?

Question: After reading a recent answer to a diver who asked how to attach his abalone tag to a rare abalone he’d taken that had no siphon holes where he could affix the tag, I have a question. Some members of my dive club and I assisted DFG with the abalone creel survey last year. We noticed that some of the pickers we surveyed used rubber bands to attach the tags to the abalone. They just laid the tag on the shell and put the rubber band all the way around the abalone to hold the tag on. There were no holes in the tags. Is this a legal way to attach the tag? (Curt H.)

Answer: No, this is not legal. The law requires the tag be “… securely fastened to the shell of the abalone. To affix the tag, a zip tie, string, line or other suitable material shall be passed through a siphon hole on the abalone shell and through the tag at the location specified on the abalone tag.” (California Code of Regulations Title 14, Section 29.16 (b)(3)).

Reminder regarding equipment


MAW has loaner binoculars and two spotting scopes that you can check out and use, as well as one extra Dictaphone (easier for some people than writing notes) and a camera.  Also they have a shipment of magnetic car signs recently.

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