Paul Bunyan Days

Tricycle Race & Kiddie ParadeKiddy parade results

Watch as children and adults compete for a dinner for 2 at The Cliff House Restaurant or a new bicycle custom fitted to them from Fort Bragg Cyclery.

The tricycle race takes place on East Laurel Street. Entrants gather at 9:30 for sign-ups, and the races start at 10:00.  There are 4 divisions: 0-2 year olds, 3-4, and 5-6. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each division. New this year is a race for bigger people, 14 years and older.  Winner of this race will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Cliff House in Fort Bragg.

Tricycle Race Winners:

0-2 Winners: 1st Lilian Denny, 2nd Josephine Tumova, 3rd Xander Caranicolas
3-4 Winners: 1st Timmy Rippey 2nd Courtney Baker 3rd Sofia Catone
5-6 Winners: 1st Elio Nelepovitz, 2nd Colter Downing, 3rd Anna Catone
Adult Winners 1st Jesse Baker, 2nd Mark HillJunice
Special thanks to our sponsors: Century 21 Fort Bragg Realty-Tom Hawkins, Ben Booth, Richard Berta, Steve & Rory Salo, Bob Kinney Barbara Burrows Michelle Deering & Stephanie Berry. The Cliff House Restaurant-Robert and Chris Affinito. – Junice

Dog Show

Dogs vie for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons for Smallest, Largest, Prettiest (big and small), Best Dressed, Smartest, Best Frisbee, Owner-Look-Alike, and finally, selected from 1st place winners – Best In Show.

Dog Show results

Labor Day Parade

I love a parade! Especially the Paul Bunyan Days Labor Day Parade. It’s quite a spectacle… there are fun-to-funky floats, lively bands, marching groups of all stripes, sizes and abilities… plus some entries that simply defy description.

Everyone turns out – if they’re not in the parade, they’re sitting on curbs, camp stools, lawn chairs and backs of trucks cheering friends and families! It’s the perfect small town event, one not to be missed.

labor day parade

Logging Show Results

LOGGING SHOW RESULTS 2013 – Upset! Brother and Sister win Overall Loggers! Men – Madison Thomson, Women – Ariel Thomson

Chain saw Bucking (Men): 1st Kurt Johnson, 2nd Johnathan Johansen, 3rd Len Nielson

Chain saw Bucking (Women): 1st Ariel Thomson, 2nd Allison Chambers

Double Buck Saw (Men): 1st Madison Thomson & Pascal Berrill, 2nd Josh Tracy & Wes Palmer, 3rd Johnathan Johansen & John Anderson

Double Buck Saw (Women): 1st Ariel Thomson & Allison Chambers, 2nd Mary Baker & Terri Philbrick, 3rd Lisa Nielson & Rebekka Nielson

Single Buck Handsaw (Men): 1st Westley Palmer, 2nd Len Nielson, 3rd Madison Thomson

Single Buck Handsaw (Women): 1st Ariel Thomson, 2nd Allison Chambers, 3rd Rebecca McLean

Axe Throw (Men): 1st Pascal Berrill, 2nd Len Nielson, 3rd John Anderson

Ax Throw (Women): 1st Rebecca McLean, 2nd Mary Baker 3rd Gwyndolyn Ozurd

Chocker Setting (Men): 1st Johnathan Johnsen, 2nd Madison Thomson, 3rd Elliott Brooks

Chocker Setting (Women): 1st Ariel Thomson, 2nd Allison Chambers, 3rd Kacie Hall

Jack & Jill: 1st Elliott Brooks & Ariel Thomson, 2nd Jesse Baker & Mary Baker, 3rd Madison Thomson & Allison Chambers

Hand Chopping (Men): 1st Len Nielson, 2nd Madison Thomson, 3rd Wesley Palmer

Hand Chopping (Women): 1st Rebekka Nielson, 2nd Rebecca McLean, 3rd Ariel Thomson

Pole Climb: 1st Spencer Musgrave, 2nd Jake Pardini, 3rd Josh Tracy

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