KZYX Board Meeting Monday October 7, 2013

KZYXZ logoMonday October 7, 2013 in AndersonValley at 6 PM.

Location: AV High School, 18200 Mountain View Rd, Boonville,

KZYX’s Board of Directors is elected by our membership.

Board meetings are open to the public.

The meeting started on time with two members missing. Holly Madrigal and Ed Keller. The Board affirmed their support in John Coate as their General Manager. 26 people attended this meeting.

Several members voiced concerns regarding KZYX’s not implementing a programming advisory committee. Doug McKenty announced the creation of “KZYX Members for Change,” a group of people interested in seeing contested elections.

Board Member Laviva Dakers expressed her pleasure in the larger than usual Board Meeting attendance, yet lamented the lack of consistent, engaged committee volunteers. She encouraged those present to  help staff essential committees such as the Community Advisory Board and Programming Advisory Committee.

KZYX Board Meetingm00s218Board President, Eliane Herring explained how FCC guidelines, tax codes, Board By-Laws and Policies and Procedures can conflict. She made a commitment to address the conflicts between by-laws and Policies and Procedures

General Manager John Coate gave his General Manager’s Report and announced the retirement of $116,000 in dept while making needed improvements in infrastructure. The remaining debt of $36,000 was rolled into a loan, leaving the whole $75,000 line of credit available to the station.

Board President, Eliane Herring announced the Fall Pledge Drive Saturday, October 12.

The KZYX FY2014 Budget as approved, July 1,2013

Current Board Members

Elected board members serve the Mendocino County Public Broadcasting Community.

Below is a list of current Board Members as of May 6, 2013:

District 1
Bob Page (2013-2016)

District 2
Ed Keller (2012-2015)

District 3
Fran Koliner (2011-2014)

District 4
Meg Courtney (2013-2014), Board Secretary

District 5
Eliane Herring (20012 – 2015), Board President

Holly Madrigal (2012 – 2015), Board Vice-President
John Sakowicz (2013 – 2016), Board Treasurer
Laviva Dakers (2011 – 2014)

Programmer-Elected Board Member
Stuart Campbell (2013-2016)

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