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October 17th 2013

Gene Penafor

Hunter found in Mendocino National forest shot squirrels to survive

On the morning of 9/25/2013, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office received a report from a deer hunter that his hunting partner, Gene Penaflor, had gone missing in the early morning hours of 9/24/2013 in the area of Bloody Rock in the Mendocino National Forest.

This area of the Forest was …

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Fort Bragg City Council Oct 15th 2013

Banning the sale of Styrofoam products citywide

The Ft. Bragg City Council met Tuesday night and discussed the possibility of banning the sale of Styrofoam products citywide.  The agenda item was a recommendation from the Public Works committee to ban Polystyrene Foam take-out containers in restaurants within the city limits.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sewer Smoke Testing

The City of Fort Bragg Sewer Department will be smoke testing the sewer collection system the week of October 21-25,2013. This project is being done in an effort to limit the cost of sewage treatment plant expansions that will be necessary over the next few years. The smoke testing will start at the south end of town working north. The Smoke Testing is an integral part of this maintenance program aimed at reducing rainwater and ground water infiltrating the sewers. The smoke will escape through cracks, breaks, storm water tie-ins such as rain leaders, and uncapped clean-outs.The Smoke is not toxic and will not harm anyone. Occasionally smoke will come out of drains in houses that are not piped properly. If this happens at your house or business we suggest you contact the building inspector and a plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible. If the smoke gets in your house so will sewer gases which could be toxic or detrimentalif the right conditions exist.Once City staff gets startedand find out how long it is going to take to smoke testeach section, updated testing schedules will be provided. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.Questions regarding this information should be directed to Heath Daniels,Treatment Plant Operator Lead Water, Distribution, and Collections,at (707)-961-4141

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Affordable Care Act on The Mendocino Coast

What’s covered in the

Health Insurance


All Americans now have access to essential health benefits including at least the following items and services:

  •  Outpatient care—the …

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Kelseyville Knights Tangle with Ft Bragg Timberwolves

Kelseyville Football • Mascot, Knights • Colors, Black & Orange • Coach, Mike McGuire

Fort Bragg Football • Mascot, Timberwolves • Colors,Purple, White, Gray • Coach, Roy Perkins

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