Fort Bragg City Council October 28th 2013

Fort Bragg City Council Agenda for October 28th 2013


  1. Receive Update Regarding Main Street Merge Project and Provide Direction to Staff


  2. Receive Recommendation from Finance and Administration Committee and Consider Adoption of City Council Resolution Approving New Fixed Commercial Rate for Low Water Usage
  3. Receive Report and Consider Approval of Scope of Work for Public, Education,Governmental Access (PEG)Request for Proposals
  4. Receive Report Regarding Website and Town Hall Upgrades and Consider Adoption the following City Council Resolutions:

1.Resolution Approving a Professional Service Agreement with CivicPlus for Website Design Services and Authorizing City Manager to Execute Same(Amount Not to Exceed $12,352; Account No.521-4394-0319)
2.Resolution Approving a Professional Service Agreement with Granicus, Inc. for the Live Streaming Services and Related Equipment and Authorizing City Manager to Execute Same (Amount Not to Exceed $6,200; Account No. 521-4394-0319) and Approving Budget Adjustment No. 2013-8 in the Amount of $22,699 Amending FY 2013-14 Budget Account No.521-4394-0319

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