July 3, 2014 “Colonization of Mind”

The-ShiftJoin us on the July 3, 2014 edition of “The Shift”when host Doug McKenty interviews Charles Cresson Wood and Scott Menzies

of Mendocino Transition Towns about the subtle ways our minds have been “colonized” and what we can do about it.  The conversation includes an in depth psychological study of civilization from both an Eastern and Western perspective, discussion of the efficacy of the Right/Left Paradigm, and the effects of consumerism and current education models on our overall psychological health.


  1. Thanks, very illuminating.

    I Want to be in Charles Cresson Woods dialogue group.

  2. Very good conversation. Some well stated proverbs. “Nonviolent but not pacifist” and the like, which raises, to me role of “critical theory” as conceived by the situationists (a corollary path the discussion could take) which encompasses the objective and the subjective world. (You may be familiar with Raul Vaneigem.) The discussion about slavery reminded me of Marx’s notion that the only revolution that succeeded, so far, is the one we are living in still, the bourgeois revolution. And the essence of that revolution is the Economy where “all you can see are things and their price” and as your guests noted we are all objectively slaves to the latest form of that Economy and the massive nation state, which rises up a product or our own hands, to confront us with a massive machine, the national security state. Marx spoke in beautiful terms that human society will remain in “prehistory” until the time comes when class society is ended, completely. Then human history begins. Until t hat time we are all still slaves. Maybe some of us are revolutionary slaves.
    Thanks for the provocative program, –king collins (“Ken Collins” on Facebook, where I am now posting about the latest exciting KZYX Board happening)

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