Jan 12th Ft Bragg City Council Meeting

Coast Hotel debate packs City Council meeting Jan 12 2014Ft Bragg Logo

The Fort Bragg City Council heard over 30 people testify and received over 50 letters regarding the site change from 300 N. Harrison Street to 101 N. Franklin for transitional housing and administrative offices for the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center. The 1.2 million dollar Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) will purchase the Coast Hotel at a reduced price donated by the owners and was approved by a 3-1 vote, with Mike Cimolino recusing himself. According to Jennifer Owens, had the Council not approved the resolution, Fort Bragg would lose that funding and be ineligible to apply for any CDBG monies until 2017. Watch the sometimes emotional testimony and council debate.

Other highlights to watch include:

· The appointment of 3 Planning Commission members representing the newly elected Council members.

· A resolution adjusting CDBG funding priorities.

· Fort Bragg Coastal Restoration and Trail Project updates and resolutions

· Receive Report and Provide Direction to Staff Regarding Harbor Lite Lodge Public Access Easement to the Noyo Harbor

· Receive Report and Provide Direction to Staff Regarding Waste-water Treatment Plant Upgrade Project

· Approve Request for Proposals (RFP) for City Surrounded By A Trail Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design

Please remember you can watch Fort Bragg City Council meetings live on www.mendocinotv.com or review it at your convenience.



  1. Wow, that Fowler character sure comes off as pompous, uninformed blowhard. This should be a forum for intelligent conversation, not nonsensical religious dogma.

  2. I sure wouldn’t want to start a business in this neighborhood now, I’m afraid I would be out of business before i started.

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