PEG Volunteer Programming Advisory Committee Minutes

Wednesday October 14th the Channel 3 PEG Volunteer Programming Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

citylogo-smUntil more content becomes available to populate the other channels (ch 64 & 65) dedicated to PEG, there will be a mixing of Public, Educational & Government on Channel 3.

  • The new Channel 3 was designed by the City of Fort Bragg’s PEG Ad Hoc Committee along with Mendocino TV acting as a technical advisor and consultant.
  • The new Channel 3 is administered by Mendocino TV under contract to the City of Fort Bragg for one year, July 1st 2015 through June 30th 2016.
  • The new Channel 3 is funded by The County of Mendocino and The City of Fort Bragg from franchise fees distributed by Comcast from a surcharge included in every Comcast CATV subscribers bill.
  • The new Channel 3 broadcasts to subscribers over a private network. You must subscribe to Comcast Cable Television to watch The new Channel 3 on Channel 3.
  • The new Channel 3 is not funded by taxes and is not a public institution.
  • The new Channel 3 broadcast equipment is located in small room in the back of Town Hall.
  • The new Channel 3 accepts media  donated from public and private sources. The media must conform to certain standards regarding copyrights, non-commercial nature and other minimum standards.
  • Media guidelines are:
    • NTSC standard USA television in either 4/3 or 16/9 aspect ratio, 29.97 frames per second. (drop frame time-code) If it can play on a consumer DVD player it’s good.
    • Delivered as:
      • DVD that will play on a consumer DVD player
      • Digital file encoded as either MP4, H.264, Mpeg2, AVI on a thumb drive, Memory Stick or SD memory card.
      • Link to a video sharing web site with the necessary passwords to download it.
      • Video Tape, VHS, SVHS, Hi8, 8, Digital8, miniDV as a finished and edited movie ready for play, no editing performed by us.
  • The PEG Volunteer Programing Committee is a volunteer organization tasked with stimulating community / government cooperation in developing programs and productions that will populate Channel 3  with quality, diverse, local media content. We meet the third Wednesday of each month at the Mendocino TV studio in the Company Store at 6:00pm.

Mendocino Coast Media HQ text logo smallThe new Channel 3 has:

    • no production facilities.
    • no web site of it’s own
    • no facebook page
    • no staff
    • No cameras or production equipment

PEG proposal March 2015 from Terrence Vaughn on Vimeo.

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