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 Join Skip Taube of Naturally Mendocino as he hosts a “Call in Forum” on Measure U at 6:00 PM.

Measure U logo smallCall (707)964-0101 Friday May 20th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm to participate.

On Friday May 20th  at 6pm click on for a live broadcast of this event or call 964-0101 to ask a question of our guests. Leave comments or ask questions in the convenient sidebar. Engage with other viewers as you express yourself.No on Measure U logo small

Measure U is in response to the donation of the Old Coast Hotel to the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center, a faith based charitable organization, by The City of Fort Bragg using funds from a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), a funding mechanism cities use to finance public and private projects. This scandal plagued organization had teamed up with Ortner Management Group to provide sorely needed services to the Mendocino Coast including Homeless and Behavior Health Services.

Attending this forum representing Measure U will be Anne Marie Cesario and Rod Jones. There will be no formal representation by opponents of Measure U. We received this email in response to our invitation. Subsequent invites were declined.

Date: May 3, 2016 at 5:24:59 PM PDT
Subject: Response to Measure U Show Request
Hi Terry,
We are writing to respond to the request for someone from Social Services
Alliance to represent the arguments against Measure U for your show. Scott
relayed the message from your phone call to him last night. We are pleased
that you want to bring more attention to Measure U but given the late
notice and no official invitation indicating when the show is or how it
will be structured or moderated, we are declining to participate. We spent
quite a bit of time preparing for the League of Women Voters forum where
we presented our arguments against Measure U to the public. We do not have
the time to give your show our full attention and are simply unable to
rearrange our already full schedules on such short notice. Please direct
any further correspondence to the Social Services Alliance at,
Social Services Alliance Steering Committee

Sea Biscuit MFF

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    I have been following the Measure “U” rhubarb with a heavy heart.
    What a shameful statement about the Civic Consciousness of FORT BRAGG!
    Although I no longer live within the city limits, I spent many years as the steadfast MCCET videot on the City Council cablecast, so my opinion is informed by years of watching that body cope ~ often ungraciously ~ with similar civic issues.
    It’s refreshing to see the Council come in strong on the RIGHT SIDE of this one!
    …But so discouraging to see our fellow citizens take such an overtly MEAN SPIRITED ~ such an UNNECESSARILY mean spirited ~ stand in opposition to the uncommonly bright and successful Hospitality House/Coast Hotel project.
    I could ~ and probably shall ~ GO ON…
    Good Luck, People. May Compassionate GOOD SENSE prevail.

    1. Kay – so refreshing to hear your voice chime in; please try to call in and share your observations – skip

    2. I respectfully disagree.

      This is an issue of self-determination for the people of Fort Bragg. Brought about by a handful of out-of-towners. Who eyed Fort Bragg as a dumping ground for the disadvantaged. While they all went back to their cozy seaside Mendocino estates. To sip their pricey Chardonnay.

      I drove by Mayor Turner’s house the other day. It’s in a very upscale part of Fort Bragg. Nowhere near the Old Coast Hotel. His neighbors take homeless people in. I think Mayor Turner should too.

  2. Hi
    i also live outside city limits, by 1/2 mile, and I firmly support Measure U. Fort Bragg is small town struggling to become a tourist destination. Since the mill closed and fishing has diminished, many residents are struggling economically. The people I know who sponsored this measure are kind and generous. But we are all tired of seeing our quality of life, public health and safety eroding as the town is being affected negatively by way too many transients. Many of them are young and a ke bodied but make no effort to find work, demanding handouts instead.
    Opponents to the measure like to use words like ‘discriminatory’ , ‘civil rights violation’ etc. meanwhile the rights of the majority, many of them folks who work hard to pay rent and buy food, are ignored. I was taught in grade school that in a democracy the majority rules. Thus far, the transients are not the majority.
    In San Rafeal, where residents no longer like to go dowtown because of a large homeless presence and businesses are suffering. The city council voted recently to consider a ban on homeless services in their central business district through zoning changes, which is what Measure U is all about. In Eureka transients are being evicted from encampments, and the police chief there stated that he has documented that 87% of the transients are criminals. Eureka too has suffered economical from too many homeless in the dowtown and surrounding areas.
    The road I,live on has two encampments now, bringing a new, unsavory and lawless group. We are forming a Neighborhood Watch and have enlisted the help of the Sheriff. So even though we cannot vote, residents in every area outside the city limits are suffering a rise in crimes such as vBirgleries, mail theft, car break ins, trespassing drug trafficking, and vandalism.
    This is why we support Measure U.

  3. This was such an excellent forum. No pretense. Really intelligent conversation.The issues clarified. Everybody should watch at least a segment of it before June 7, whether you live in Fort Bragg or not. –beth bosk

  4. MEAN SPIRITED? Perhaps you should talk to those on the streets and find out who they feel are MEAN SPIRITED. Seems the one’s who like, support and love the current Old Coast Hotel location for the Hospitality Center are one’s who are not clients or live south of Fort Bragg.

  5. Opponents of Measure U use fear mongering as an argument against keeping social services out of Fort Bragg’s downtown business district. They say that lawsuits will result, bankrupting the City. There’s a problem with that argument. A big one.

    The people of Fort Bragg have the right of self-determination. That includes zoning. The train wreck at the Old Coast Hotel highlights this. A bottomless pit for taxpayer dollars, a petri dish for quacks, and a dumping ground for the disadvantaged. All run by out-of-town religious fanatics. In secret meetings. And THAT won’t result in lawsuits?

    Moreover, opponents of Measure U don’t even have the guts to debate it:

    Vote ‘Yes’ on Measure U.

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