FBUSD Board of Trustees Open New 2016-2017 School Year, August 18, 2016

Becky Walker is a Rock Star!
Tonight’s board meeting was an example that every other director, superintendent and administrator could learn from. I watched a group of administrators, staff, union representatives and parents swiftly The Opioid Epidemic graphic 4aand cheerfully address issues and effectively pass motions. This can be attributed to the trust and affection the whole community places in Interim Superintendent Rebecca Walker. Her heartfelt manner of directly addressing people and their issues, to her comprehensive knowledge of the district and what works and what didn’t in the past is invaluable.

Put on your calendar for Aug 31st
Put on your calendar for Aug 31st

Rosalie Gjerde spoke to the lack of a band class this year and mourned the passing of a long and continuous commitment to music in the schools. Becky addressed the lack of instructors and explained the difficulty in finding the “Right” person to apply for the position. Somebody that is committed to building a program, not filling a spot. She explained that she felt more damage would be done if the wrong person filled the position for even a short period. In the discussion that ensued an alternative idea was initiated for a “Band Club” to bridge the gap for this year.
Other highlights of the meeting were:

  • Commitment to retain Interpretive Services for board meetings in the future with prior notice, preferably 72 hrs notice but accommodations can be made where possible.
  • When babysitting services were brought up she made another commitment to continue broadcasting the meetings on Mendocino TV for the community, rather that add another layer of expense to board meetings.
  • California’s $15 minimum wage will impact the budget.
  • The new Culinary Arts classroom is finished.
  • School bus automation is online and being implemented.
  • Union Contracts are being resolved swiftly, everyone felt heard and the new school year started off with harmony and accord.

The level of trust and confidence on display was phenomenal. I honestly cannot remember when I saw leadership skills like this. Her willingness to make mistakes, take responsibility, answer to them and change directions is necessary in today’s business environment.

It was inspiring to watch everyone in the room, from board president, students, parents, teachers, staff and community members roll up their sleeves and line up behind Becky Walker to get the job done!

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