Measure B will create better mental health services

Sheriff creates strong case of support for Measure B

Editorial by Marianne McGee, MA/ABS

Sheriff Tom Allman made a compelling case for supporting Mendocino County’s Measure B Mental Health Treatment Act, a sales tax measure to provide funding for mental health care and facilities in Mendocino County to diagnose and treat mental illness and addiction.

Combining statistics and stories, including his personal experience when his brother committed suicide, Sheriff Allman explained how this funding will take Mendocino County from having the 11th highest per capita suicide rate in California to providing a unique model of mental health care.

Pointing out that mental health issues impact people across all socioeconomic, racial, gender strata, these prospective facilities will give people a non threatening treatment center to access immediate and appropriate care, potentially deescalating a more severe crisis.  Measure B will keep patients and county dollars in our local communities, rather than shipping people out of the area for 72 hours mental health holds, which are often escalated when an ill equipped officer with a gun responds to a mental health call.

His convincing arguments included the success of the current Mobile Outreach & Prevention Services; local hospital emergency departments are inappropriately tied up with mental health hold patients and First Responders will receive helpful mental health training.

While a similar measure failed by only 165 votes last year, this measure appears to have no organized opposition and much stronger support.  It does need a 2/3 majority approval to pass, so people need to be sure to vote as the only other 2 items on the County ballot are local utility district positions.

Watch this video to see why you need to vote YES on Measure B!

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