A Case for E-100 Vehicles Optimized for Mileage on Ethanol

Don Siefkes presents a case for E-100 vehicles optimized for mileage on ethanol at the Mendocino Alcohol Fuel Group Meeting in Fort Bragg, California.

By Keith Wyner

Grange imagePresented by the Fort Bragg Grange #672, Don talks about how the current 2017 – 2025 fuel standards, 54.5 mpg Corporate Average Fuel Economy(CAFE),” will not eliminate concerns about pricing and supply of crude oil / gas and the effect on the U.S. economy. He also notes that CO2 emissions cannot be significantly reduced without addressing the 135 billion gallons of gas used in the U.S. Annually. The simplest and lowest cost solution to oil independence and lower CO2 emissions is an E-100 engine mandate where mileage is optimized for ethanol not gas. Don also points out that ethanol is a carbon neutral fuel that adds zero CO2 to the atmosphere.

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