The Ten Mile Dunes Restoration Project Hits Snag

Virgin Crk Sunset-1aAn Appeal has been filed with the California Coastal Commission and assigned the designation Commission Appeal A-1-MEN-13-241. The full text of the appeal can be downloaded by clicking on this link:  (large 6 mb file).

Visit the WMAC web page for more information about this project. The project is stayed until this matter is resolved.

The hearing may occur as early as the Nov 13-15 Coastal Commission meeting in Newport Beach. Letters may be mailed to the Coastal Commission (1385 Eighth Street, Suite 130, Arcata, CA 95521) stating your position. Letters should identify the appeal number and must be received by the Commission no later than Oct. 21, 2013 in order to be included in the meeting package. It may also be reasonable to request that the hearing be continued until the December Commission meeting in San Francisco to allow concerned local citizens a fair opportunity to testify in person.
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