Abalone Cook-Off was a huge success!

abalone_ken-bailey_72A beautiful day and scenic location surrounded the festivities at Noyo Harbor for the Abalone Cook-Off Competition & Festival.

A huge thank you to the COOKS, the COMMITTEE, the VOLUNTEERS, the WINERIES, the ATTENDEES, and the GENEROUS LOCAL DONORS. All of you contributed to the success of MAPA’s major fundraiser that allows us to fund our mission of supporting parks, education programs in the parks, park improvement projects, and the operation of Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area to keep the park protected and open for public camping and recreation. MAPA expresses our gratitude to all of you for making this possible.




World_MAPA_Cook_Winners__2013--2Booth 16, (318 out of 1738 total scored points for all FINAL ROUND contestants) Abalone Katsu


GRAND PRIZE – Red: JON KREBS, Booth 16 (73 out of 159 points Popular Vote) Abalone Katsu

GRAND PRIZE – Orange: CHRIS LANDRUM, Booth 2 (55 out of 158 points Popular Vote) Captain’s Best

GRAND PRIZE – Blue: ERIN McBRIDE, Booth 3 (78 out of 159 points Popular Vote) Asian Orange


MAPA_Cook_Off_2013_Folder_2-9873FIRST PLACE – Red: JEANINE PFEIFFER, Booth 10 (29 out of 159 Popular Vote) Abalone Ceviche

FIRST PLACE – Orange: JESSICA TAANING, Booth 20 (32 out of 158 Popular Vote) BBQ Abalone Bacon Rolls

FIRST PLACE – Blue: JESSIE MORRIS, Booth 21 (30 out of 159 Popular Votes) Abalone Sausage


SECOND PLACE – Red: SEA DOGS, TOM ESTRADA, RANDY FERRIS. Booth 1 (15 out of 159 Popular Votes) Abalone Corn Dogs

SECOND PLACE – Orange: JOEL HENDRICKS, CHRIS GLENN (Booth 17 (22 out of 158 Popular Votes) Abalone Egg Roll

SECOND PLACE TIE – Blue: KATHIE PALOMAR, Booth 6 (18 out of 159 Popular Votes) Palomar Treat

SECOND PLACE TIE – Blue: MELINDA SANDY, Booth 15 (18 out of 159 Popular Votes) Abalone Chowder


MAPA_Cook_Off_2013_Folder_4-0722THIRD PLACE – Red: DAYLE LAWRENCE, Booth 13 (12 out of 159 Popular Votes) Abalone in a Chip

THIRD PLACE – Orange: DALTON ALBIN, Booth 8 (19 out of 158 Popular Votes) Ocean’s Horseback

THIRD PLACE – Blue: DARIUS ROGERS, Booth 9 (11 out of 159 Popular Votes) Grilled Abalone


BEST DECORATED BOOTH –MAPA_Cook_Off_2013_Folder_4-0375

SEA DOGS, Tom Estrada, Randy Ferris. Booth 1 (95 out of 375 Popular Votes). Sponsored by MENDO REALTY,


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