Fort Bragg City Council March 10 2014

The agenda is:

  • Fort Bragg city-logoReceive Report, Conduct Public Hearing, and Consider Adoption of City Council Resolution Approving an Application for Up to $846,151 in Funding and Execution of a Grant Agreement and Any Amendments Thereto from the 2013 Economic Development Over-the-Counter Allocation of the State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

  • Receive Report and Provide Direction to Staff Regarding Possible Amendments to Fort Bragg Municipal Code Chapter 15.06 “Automatic Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Systems”

  • Receive Report and Provide Direction to Staff Regarding Draft 2014 Wayfinding Plan

  • Adopt City Council Resolution Approving a Professional Services Agreement with Pacific Legacy, Inc. for Ethnographic Study & Implementation of Archaeological Data Collection Plan for the Fort Bragg Coastal Restoration and Trail Project (Amount not to Exceed $139,578.30; Account No. 407-3150-0319)

  • Adopt City Council Resolution Amending the FY 2013-14 C.V. Starr Community Center Budget to Include Mid-Year Budget Adjustments

  • Approve Letter to Judge Patti Saris, Chair of the United States Sentencing Commission Regarding Trespass Grows

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