Trespass cannabis site clean-up with the Jere Melo Foundation

The Jere Melo Foundation invites the press to a trespass cannabis grow site clean-up


Mendocino TV was hired to record the clean-up of a trespass cannabis grow site on Mendocino Redwoods Company lands. Also invited were reporters from the Willits News, Advocate News, Press Democrat along with their photographers. Also attending were representatives sent from various government agencies including Senator Feinsteins Office.

furadanFunded by a State of California Fish and Wildlife grant awarded to The Mendocino County Blacktail Deer Association, the clean-up was actually performed by members of Lear Asset Management, working as hazardous materials specialists. The danger associated with handling some of the substances encountered preclude amateurs from participating.

dead birdThis illegal activity stands in stark contrast to the many legitimate cannabis cultivators in Mendocino County, many who have organic farms and perform best cultivation practices with their vegetables and cannabis crop. These grow sites contaminate the Eco-system in their vicinity causing widespread death and destruction when the poisons pass on down the food chain


  1. Why do these guys have to be militarized?I think this is a bad idea.Ive already heard of these goons riping up legitimate crops in potter valley.I see a lot of lawsuits for this outfit.They won’t last.

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