1. I really miss the ARTS programming- will you ever have it on again? As a Senior
    Citizen high school sports are of no interest to me. Classical music, dance and art
    on the other hand kept me a regular viewer.

    1. Hello Nancy,
      At this time we have no access to Classic Arts Showcase from Town Hall. I appreciate your enthusiasm for Classic Arts Showcase but a public access channel has, as it’s first mission, to Broadcast local originating content. Unfortunately Classic Arts Showcase doesn’t meet that criteria. It has been used in the past as filler by the previous caretaker of Channel 3, MCTV. Other than government meetings, the City of Fort Bragg has no other content. As the contractor for The City of Fort Bragg, Mendocino TV has donated our shows for a limited amount of time to help kickstart the channel.
      In the interest of diverse programming we are playing Coast Currents and Senior Perspectives daily. We are also playing local dance and theater productions ranging from, “The Barber of Seville” presented by Opera Fresca to “Enchanted April” Directed by Steve Siler and performed at Mendocino Theater Company. We have videos documenting historical events, eras and places. We also interview artists and profile local activities unique to the Mendocino Coast and disseminate the latest laws and information regarding the sport of Abalone Hunting. Political Action shows such as “The Shift” inform viewers of current local and national subjects.
      A Volunteer Programming Committee will be meeting at our Studio in the Company Store on Wednesday October 14th at 6pm to discuss just this subject. This meeting is open to the public and lasts an hour. I will bring up your comment at the meeting. You are not the only fan of Classic Arts Showcase. The Volunteer Programming Committee’s mission is to develop sources of current local programming and encourage the donation of grass roots community programming. We are very interested in your opinion.

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