Supervisor Woodhouse Arrested

woodhouse-edit Supervisor Tom Woodhouse was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and resisting arrest on Friday, October 28.  Rumors have been floating for weeks that he was suffering from behavioral health issues and he has not attended Supervisor meetings for over two months.  If the rumors have any truth it punctuates the need for a local behavioral health facility and the passage of Measure AG & AH (See our show with Sheriff Tom Allman and Sonya Nesch).

This circumstance creates several quandaries, in addition to the need for a local behavioral health facility.  It does illustrate that the Mendocino Sheriff Department does not play political games by giving special treatment to a county official.  It appears the report, the charges and actions taken were exactly what any citizen can expect given the situation.

Mendocino County needs to have a fully functioning Board of County Supervisors. Woodhouse was the other member on the ad-hoc Cannabis Committee with Supervisor McGowan (see our cannabis measures show) and Supervisor Hamburg recuses himself on cannabis, so 3 people will make these decisions at a critical time.  He was an important advocate to dismiss Ortner from their expensive Behavioral Health  contract, which they were not fulfilling.  It also leaves the Board with potential 2-2 votes which may really stall the decision making process.

Today, at the Board of Supervisors meeting, it was confirmed the Supervisors have no role in this matter.  My research indicates the only option is a citizen recall election, which doesn’t seem likely since people won’t want to kick a nice guy when he is down and it’s a long, complicated process. If a Supervisor leaves office midterm, the Governor chooses the successor.  So hopefully either Supervisor Woodhouse gets better quickly or he resigns soon.



Incident Number:

69 PC (Resisting Arrest)

243(e)(1) PC (Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Battery)

600 block of Meadow Wood Lane in Willits, CA

Date of Incident:

8:22 PM

Adult Female (63 year-old from Willits, CA)

Thomas Woodhouse (64 year-old male from Willits, CA)

Written By:
Captain Gregory L. Van Patten

On 10-28-2016 at 8:22 PM Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a disturbance at a residence located in the 600 block of Meadow Wood Lane in Willits, California.

Upon arrival Deputies contacted Thomas Woodhouse who had exited the front of the residence and remained outside while verbally expressing his displeasure of the Deputies presence.

While engaging Woodhouse in conversation, the Deputies witnessed him push his wife resulting in the Deputies making a decision to arrest him for misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

As two Deputies walked towards Woodhouse he assumed a fighting stance and a struggle ensued as Deputies attempted to place Woodhouse into handcuffs.

Woodhouse was able to flee into the inside of the residence where an additional struggle with three Deputies took place resulting in a Deputy deploying a TASER device in an attempt to end the struggle without further violence.

The TASER device was ineffective and after a short time Woodhouse was eventually physically controlled by the Deputies and placed into handcuffs.

Woodhouse was transported to the Mendocino County Jail where he was subsequently released prior to booking because of a medical condition not sustained as a result of the struggle with the Deputies during the arrest.

Approved by:
Captain Gregory L. Van Patten

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