MCDH Board Exercises Leadership at December 2016 meeting


Hope emerges for OB Ad Hoc Committee

As the year comes to an end, I was preparing to write about the continuing chaos and confusion surrounding the potential Obstetrics (OB) Ad Hoc Committee at Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH).  Hours were spent pulling  short clips from the MCDH meetings Mendocino TV recorded pertaining to this topic which had been promised for months and yet was never appointed or given a clear mission.

The same issues have emerged meeting after meeting in both the Board of Directors and the Planning Committee.  When the decision was made to maintain OB operations, it was obvious the OB funding deficit needed to be addressed and research conducted to determine why some women chose not to deliver their babies at MCDH, which adds to the department’s nearly million dollar loss.  Volunteers were solicited at the Community Forum and nothing happened for months before the Planning Committee finally addressed the OB Ad Hoc Committee issues.  In October, November and December it appears the MCDH Planning Committee finally made decisions or recommendations regarding the OB Ad Hoc Committee, which were then not fully reported on at the MCDH Board of Directors meetings, resulting in frustration and disappointment by the potential OB Ad Hoc Committee community volunteers.

Then on December 22, when the newly elected MCDH Board of Directors, led by President Steve Lund, met to elect officers and committee assignments, a seismic shift occurred. In the clip below, you can watch Mr. Lund exercise explicit  leadership!   A number of concerns were raised about the OB Ad Hoc Committee including membership, open or closed meetings, information sharing, leadership, structure and mission. President Lund listened, and then made definitive decisions regarding the issues raised and clarified his expectations of this committee, leading us to believe that progress on the Ad Hoc OB Committee is now on its way!

It is refreshing and exciting to watch leadership in action.There are many major junctures facing MCDH in the next few years and it will take stalwart skills to lead the Board, staff and community through these consequential challenges.  Leadership is desperately needed for the successful survival of this hospital, which is critical to sustaining a healthy community.  I now have more hope that MCDH is moving forward with positive momentum and it is still crucial that district citizens stay informed and involved.

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