Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors

July 25 2019 6 pm


  • 1. Information/Action: Hardin v. Mendocino Coast District Hospital, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, et al., Case No. 3:17-CV-05554, conference with legal counsel. Government Code §54956.9.
  • 2. Information/Action: Pursuant to §32155 of the Health and Safety Code July Quality Management and Improvement Council Reports
  • 3. Information/Action:Pursuant to California Government Code §54954.5 and §32155 of the Health and Safety Code Medical Staff Credentials and Privileges Review and Medical Staff Report
  • 4. Information/Action:Anticipated Litigation with Legal Counsel pertaining to Measure C Parcel Tax exemptions, Government Code Section §54957


  • 1. Approval of Board of Directors meeting minutes of June 27, 2019 Tab 1
  • 2. Approval of Special Board of Directors meeting minutes of June 29, 2019 Tab 2
  • 3. Approval of Policy #1325 Competencies of Employees and Registry Staff 2nd Read Tab 3
  • 4. Approval of Policy #1356 On Call 1st Read Tab 4
  • 5. Approval of Policy #1379 Staffing Table 1st Read Tab 5
  • 6. Approval of Conflict of Interest Code 2nd Read Tab 6
  • 7. Approval of Alysoun Huntley Ford Fund Draw (there were no requests


  • 1. Parcel Tax Parcel Consolidation Update: Mr. Shin Green & Tab 7 Action/InformationMr. Michael Riemenschneider
  • 2. Should we establish a Legislative Committee: Mr. John Redding Action/Information
  • 3. Should we establish a Legislative Standing Committee: Mr. John Redding Action/Information
  • 4. Resolution 2019-15 Conflict of Interest Code: Ms. Karen Arnold, Chair Tab 8 Action
  • 5. Board Protocol on contacting Legal Counsel: Ms. Karen Arnold, Chair Action
  • 6. Update on June 29 Board Retreat: Ms. Karen Arnold, Chair


  • Measure C Update: Mr. Wayne Allen, Interim CEO
  • Meditech Update: Mr. Wayne Allen, Interim CEO


  • CEO Report: Mr. Wayne Allen, Interim CEO
  • Medical Staff Report: Dr. John Kermen
Appointments to Medical Staff-Provisional Status
  • Veer Babu, MD –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • Steven Lallis, MD –Department of Surgery-Orthopedics
  • Jenny Lee, MD –Department of Surgery-Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Samer Muala, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Jalaal Shah, DO –Department of Surgery-Orthopedics
  • Leslie Wilkof, MD –Department of Surgery-Obstetrics/Gynecology
Re-Appointments to Medical Staff
  • Tareq Ali, MD –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • Mark Causin, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Darby Clayson, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Christiane Eisele, MD –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • Mandaar Gokhale, MDC –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • David Gonzales, DO –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Timothy Hockenberry, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • David Irvine, MD –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • Barbara Kilian, MD –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • Kelly King, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Richard Leach, MD –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • Irais Leon, MD –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • Timothy Musick, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Faraaz Osmani, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Nguyen Pham, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Christopher Ryan, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
  • Robin Serrahn, MD –Department of Medicine-Emergency Department
  • Christina Tsao, MD –Department of Medicine-Hospitalist Service
Appointment to VRad Tele-Radiology Physicians
  • Lorenzo Mannelli, MD
Re-Appointment to VRad Tele-Radiology Physicians
  • Michael Cooney, MD
  • Joshua Sokol, MD
Planning Committee Report: Ms. Jessica Grinberg
Chief Nursing Officer Report: Ms. Lynn Finley
Finance Committee Report: Mr. John Redding
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