Fort Bragg featured on National Geographic Transgender Revolution with Katie Couric

Watch Dr. Kate & Linda  Rohr on February 6

Dr. Kate Rohr, Linda Rohr and Fort Bragg appear to have great coverage in the trailer for the up coming National Geographic special television show “Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric”, which explores the roles of science, genetics and cultures in the increasing recognition of the transgender movement.  The show will air February 6 from 9-11 EST on National Geographic and will coincide with the release of a Gender issue of the National Geographic Magazine.


Transgender people are generally born into one gender and yet feel as though they belong or identify as being the other gender.  Many people, including Dr.Rohr, undergo extensive surgery to correct their gender and can also legally change their names. The term transgender does not relate to a person’s sexual identity, which mat vary.

Transgender issues has recently received national attention as the federal government directed schools to allow students to use the bathroom they believe matches their identity. There are an increasing number of people, like Dr. Rohr, who are publicly communicating their experiences to further educate the public and provide support for others coming out.

You can also watch  Dr. Richard Miller’s recent Mind Body Health & Politics show on this issue with the Rohrs from the Mendocino TV studios below.

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