For over a decade, we, the employees of the City of Fort Bragg, have sacrificed and tightened our belts during tough economic times for the city snd watched as prices have gone up and our ability to make ends meet has gone down. Now that Fort Bragg is doing better with increased revenues, we are still being offered sub standard wages that don’t keep up with inflation.

It seems every time we sit down with the city, they have some new excuse about why they can’t pay us a livable wage. In budget projections they routinely overestimate expenses and underestimate revenues, so they can scare the public with a looming deficit. This is not a question of ability to pay, our requests are reasonable. It is a question of priorities. After so many years, we want the City Council to make the people who do the work, who keep the city running, a priority.

Stand with your city workers and call a City Council Member today!



  1. While I’m in support of the City workers getting a living wage, considering we are on the coast where expenses are higher, as a former Planning Commissioner who was subject to similar behavior from groups who weren’t getting their way, I have to laugh at their tactics during the City Council meeting.

    Loudly disrupting a public meeting isn’t going to help their cause one iota, and it may polarize those decision makers who are leaning towards their solution.

    So when the guy at the end of the video says, “It’s all about respect”, I have to question their sincerity concerning “respect”.

    None the less, I hope their get their pay raise though, they are a hard working group, who keep our wonderful City functioning.

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