Mendocino Coast District Hospital CFO Wade Sturgeon Resigns

After deliberating two hours President Steve Lund reconvened the special board meeting.

Steve Lund announced that the MCDH Board has accepted CFO Wade Sturgeon’s resignation effective December 1, per the terms and conditions of his contract.  Neither board nor the many community members present said anything during the public comment at the end of the meeting!

Three Community volunteers, 4 hospital staff, 1 media representative and 1 friend of CEO Bob Edwards as well as his wife spoke during Public Comments at the beginning of the meeting.  The volunteers and media were focused on the only issue on the agenda, the evaluation of CFO Wade Sturgeon.

The other 7 people who spoke appeared to generally be there to speak on behalf of CEO Bob Edwards and MCDH improvements under his leadership. Several also expressed concerns about the media and community involvement.  An example is Dr. John Kerman remarks “100% of the docs supported OB” and “it’s time to stop harping on OB”!  Voters who have followed the OB (Obstetrics) potential closure issue may remember that only 2 months ago there were well attended meetings to target OB once again as part of a tax proposal, at the request of Board Members Brunning and Miller!  Watch the public comment videos and draw your own conclusions!

You can watch MCDH meetings on under the Building Healthy Communities program.  It takes educated citizens to build a healthy community!

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