Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors hires Interim CFO

Parigi selected as Interim CFO

Editorial by Marianne McGee, MA/ABS

Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) Board of Directors held a closed session on November 4, 2017 to interview John S. Parigi II, as the Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO), replacing the recently resigned Wade Sturgeon.

Snooping around on the internet, it appears Mr. Parigi has a wide breadth of experience including owning a health care management consulting company, a Medicare auditor for insurance companies as well as functioning as both a CFO and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in numerous hospitals.  Although he hails from Texas, his resume indicates he has spent four years working with the Healdsburg District Hospital, another struggling health care district with similar issues.

It is interesting that new MCDH employee Nancy Schmid, who has assumed a myriad of responsibilities, also left Healdsburg District Hospital after serving as its CEO for four years.  So, it is in the same time frame that Mr. Parigi has worked with that hospital and presumably Ms. Schmid.  While she was credited with a financial turn around there, it will remain to be seen if MCDH will benefit from their experiences.

Mr. Parigi is actually a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and his website says: “We are here to help you with the things that keep you awake at night”.  Those community members concerned about the state of MCDH’s health sincerely hope these new people can deliver on this promise.

Watch President Steve Lund announce the hiring of the Interim CFO by clicking on the link below.

You can also watch clips of the MCDH Planning Committee as Nancy Schmid updates them on the facility projects and her positions at the hospital.

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