Fort Bragg Timberwolves travel to Castlemont in East Oakland

Due to the vagaries of Verizon cell service and available power we cannot assure that we will broadcast LIVE. We will still record the game and upload it at the earliest time possible. Thank you for your support!

For their first preseason game on August 24 @ 7p the Ft Bragg Timberwolves play Castlemont High School in Oakland.

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Coming off of a losing season, Castlemont brings a new coach and a new atitude to this season.

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The level of poverty and neglect was astounding in this inner city school in Oakland. These students do not get an equal chance at an education when all of the basic infrastructure has been allowed to reach this tragic level of disrepair. The scoreboard didn’t work, including the clock, There was no press booth. They had no trash cans, just plastic bags tied to fences, No snack shack, just a barbeque and a table, overflowing restrooms, 1 set of electrical sockets and bleachers that haven’t been re-nailed since they were built.

Watch as Castlemont fields a strong team, portraying amazing offensive speed, defensive power and accurate passing.


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