Paranormal Investigation Team Mendocino, plans second investigation into The Mendocino Hotel

Charles Unser and I met with the assistant manager at the Hotel, Kathy, to discuss the upcoming investigation of the Mendocino Hotel. We had to decide whether to confirm the last investigation by setting up cameras in the same room as last, and determining if the last investigation was a fluke or will there still be glowing orbs flying around the room, detectable by infrared cameras!

Another ghost story repeated throughout the years is the story of the “Lady in the Mirror”

Or do we investigate the “Child in the Hallway” on the 3rd floor where Bookkeeping is situated?

PJ has lost things that reappear where they weren’t 2 hours later


  1. Very funny. “Orbs” are out-of-focus dust motes illuminated by a flash or light source on or near the camera. People who don’t understand what they see interpret them as paranormal “energy” because it fits their conspiratorial view of the world. Demons are everywhere. Be afraid!

    But you knew that all along, right?

    1. I said the same when we first saw these, except no dust mote ever moved the way these motes moved. Also the air was very still in the room (150 year old hotel doesn’t have heating ducts for ventilation and A/C) and there was no light source in the room. We recorded with infrared sensors, which detect heat, not light
      No light, no air motion, room empty or full made no difference! Where do the stories come from? You would have to believe that guests from all over the world, telling the same story, are somehow being fooled by dust motes. They don’t see motes, they see people. Thanks for your engagement. I’m still a skeptic, which is why we are queing up for another investigation.

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