MIND BODY HEALTH & POLITICS With Dr Richard L Miller hosts Dr Philip E Wolfson PHD

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Dr Wolfson discusses his new book, “The Ketamin Papers.”

“Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is a new and exciting treatment modality and I am pleased to be a pioneer in making this work available.  Much like MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy, but legal and available now, KAP is truly a breakthrough path for many people who struggle.  It is truly gratifying to be in a position to bring this into the world, to train other practitioners in its application, and to feel the power of this work.

I practice in many formats, including brief individual and problem solving therapies, long-term analytic individual, couples, and family therapies. I do my own form of transformative psychodynamic psychotherapy evolved over time and experience with many teachers and with so many precious people who have come into my practice.  I have been a consultant/facilitator for communes, and a variety of businesses. I am expert in psychopharmacology and continue to enjoy being a physician and a practitioner of complementary medicine in a selective fashion. Having run alternative, Laingian oriented facilities for those in altered states of mind and having been a part of the Spiritual Emergency Network at its inception, I continue to work with individuals and their families who are in emotional crisis.  I love teaching mindfulness meditation and doing guided, imaginative trance work. Because of my personal experience with cancer and grief and having lost my oldest son Noah to leukemia when he was sixteen, I offer myself to those who are struggling with critical illness, dying and loss.  I am interested in assisting those with illness in accessing the best possible care and in handling the stress and personal/family aspects of illness.

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