Larry Fuente “New World Hoarder”

Storytelling with Larry Fuente: Saturday, August 24, 3 pm – 5 pm
Join Larry Fuente during his exhibition “New World Hoarder” as he tells stories about his years in Mendocino.

Calling myself an “Artist” is not something I am terribly comfortable with. It feels like a judgment call that I prefer others who view my work to make. I will occasionally identify myself in that way as a matter of convenience and to save myself from having to explain. That said, I do make “Art.” I’m comfortable working in many mediums. I paint, I sculpt, I build, I modify, I record. I write and I enjoy playing music and dancing. I have a basic knowledge of how things work and how they are made which can be very helpful when I want to move a dream or vision I have, into the realm of reality.

My curiosity is boundless and I can become fascinated by nearly any topic. I feel drawn to “beauty” and realize it can be found almost anywhere that a person will take the time to carefully look. Science and the acquisition of real knowledge seems like the most worthy endeavor that a person can pursue. Interacting with others and creating bonds of friendship and understanding are essential to our survival as a species. Any honest assessment of who we are and what we do is certain to reveal that we are moving inexorably toward our own extinction. Man-Kind, which is a contradiction of terms, appears to revel in his ignorance and to gleefully embrace every lie and deception that has become the daily diet that we are fed. I’m certain that I must sound like an “alarmist” or in the current language of our Latter Day Liar’s, a “conspiracy theorist.” It is not as if we haven’t been warned. Any person who has a genuine interest in where we are actually going as a species and society doesn’t need to look any further than their own pockets or purse. Grab your Smartphone and punch in John F. Kennedy’s 1961 speech to the Press Club. Listen carefully. He speaks nothing but the truth and asks the Press Club to help him to alert the American people to the who and how of our imminent future and the certain demise of everything that we hold to be sacred. The absolute end of freedom and justice that so many millions of people have sacrificed their lives to protect.
If you are a details kind of person and think you can handle some more truth in your terror take a peek at a film called “Zeitgeist.” It’s a close as your YouTube connection. If you still read books and want a few more details about who and how your future is being crafted, take a look at “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.”

If you still thirst for knowledge and entertainment, Dr Judy Wood put together a 500 page book called “Where Did the Towers Go?” Lots of pictures and artifacts. Here’s a fun fact… not one word in her book has ever been contested by any scientist or member of government. If you’re still bored or yearning for entertainment, take a look at some of the art surrounding you. But: Be Warned If you are a” sensitive” person or you think there is anything good about political correctness. You may want to leave now and head for the safety and sanity of your own home.

P.S. I did say that your pockets were full of truth. Fish out a one dollar bill for a handy-dandy lesson. The B side or back is full of fun. You may notice a pyramid with the all seeing eye of god on top. That’s a pretty religious image for a government that promises a separation of church and state. Now that we’ve opened a can of worms, I wonder why it says “In God We Trust”? That must be a misprint because I KNOW what they really mean. “In Gold We Trust” is far more accurate and probably explains why they took it out of circulation in 1934. For those of you who keep up with your Latin lessons, “Novus Ordo  Sedorum” means New World Order and “Annuit Coepti” roughly translates to business is booming (or maybe just good). I know that I feel better, even inspired.

Maybe a little “Art” might be fun. Paz Y Amour and be sure to have a nice bidet, Hip Hip Hooray. If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention.

— Larry Fuente


  1. loved this close as I could get to a visit…loveeee Larry..his mind..and art..we go way back to Marin County days..where we were neighbors..he picked me up hitch hiking and he and Leaf were looking for a place to rent..happened there was a place right below our shack..thennnnn, we ended up again..being neighbors on the same land in Mendo..forever connected..

    1. Hey Rachel, I love this too. I grew up in Marin County and moved to Mendocino where I met Larry many years ago. He is so Him. Fearless and Fun! I like him alot.

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