‘Sundays The Series’ local screening

‘Sundays The Series’, screens to a local crowd at Coast Theater

Doug Waldo from mendocinotv.com interviews audience and cast members before and after the screening of ‘Sundays The Series’.

A character based webisode completely produced on the Mendocino coast by Fog Line Films. Written and directed by Forrest Naylor, produced by Cindy Lemas, shot and edited by Todd Cinnamon and Eric Stromberger.

Sundays takes place in the fictional town of Sundays where the residents all have secrets that become revealed throughout the series.


  1. Hey guys,
    I met you at the reception party after the screening for “Sundays” I was taking stills. I was wondering what happened to Ruby Setnik’s interview. It was at about minute 19 just after Ahu but the clip is now only 7minutes long. Is there any way you could send me a link to it? I’m sure it would get you a few more views and it would be great for her to have as part of her resume as she is continuing to audition now down here in the bay.
    Best wishes and a pleasure to meet you both,

    I was a little off my game that day but here is a link to what I posted.


    and here is a link to my page


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