Mendocino Media Makers welcomes Cindy Lemas and Patty Androff

Streamed Live from “The Company Store” on, Todays Mendocino Media Makers show with Cindy Lemas and Patty Androff

Mendocino Media Makers, hosted by Lindy Peters, welcomes Cindy Lemas and Patty Androff to the Mendocino TV studio on Thursday March 28 at 8:00PM in the historic Union Lumber Company Store and live on the internet at

Cindy Lemas has had a long career in a variety of roles and types of media.  She has performed as a vocalist, dancer, host and voice over artist. She has written, directed and produced for theatre, music shows and community events.  Locally, she was cast as a “Client” on Lifetime T.V.’s “On the Road with Austin and Santino” show. Cindy is one of the West Coasts premier Haunted House Designers as you can see on the video above. She is currently working on an event coming to Fort Bragg this year.

Patty Androff is a makeup artist to the stars, as well as being a hairstylist for the last 25 years.  Although she left Hollywood for the Mendocino Coast 16 years ago, she still actively travels the country to work on movie sets.  Most recently she did the famous Mike Tyson facial tattoo scar as the makeup artist for Ed Helms in the soon to be released movie“Hangover 3”.

“Cindy and Patty are both fascinating women with terrific talents and a wealth of experience in a wide range of media”, said Terrence Vaughn, CEO of Mendocino TV. “I am sure host Lindy Peters will use his winsome wit to bring out captivating stories from these extraordinary guests”, he added.

Mendocino Media Makers is an interactive series where the public can participate by attending as a live studio audience member, free of charge, or by logging onto  People can call, e-mail or ask their questions during the audience participation segment of the program.  This capacity allows viewers to watch and interact on a computer from any place in the world.  Viewers can also watch the show later for their convenience on the website.

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Patty Androff

Patty AndroffPatty first became interested in makeup as a teenager and soon went to cosmetology school. She started out doing album covers for rockers and country singers. She has studied at LA City College and Elegance Academy, having mentors all along, including Alan Apone, Matthew Mungle, and Tom Burman. Some of Patty’s specialties consist of battle wounds, cuts, bruises, and hand laid facial hair.

Patty won a CableACE Award for her work on the historical film “George Wallace” starring Gary Sinise, directed by John Frankenheimer. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her work on “George Wallace,” nominated for Best Period Makeup on the TV Movie “The 70′s,” and was nominated for a CableACE Award for best makeup on the TV Movie “Andersonville”.

“I’ve been in the middle of nowhere seeing amazing places working with great people. I’ve worked on period films of the 1800′s, comedies, lots of TV Mini series, worked with bears, camels, lions, panthers, and buffalo.” Some of Patty’s most memorable experiences were working on “Dances With Wolves” and with Sam Shepard on “Silent Tongue.”


Jayne Mansfield’s Car, Key Makeup, Billy Bob Thornton/Director
Project X, Key Makeup, Nima Nourizadeh
Love Don’t Let Me Down, Tim McGraw’s Hairstylist, Shana Feste
The Blindside, Tim McGraw’s Hairstylist, John Lee Hancock
Four Christmases, Tim McGraw’s Hairstylist, Seth Gordon
Mr. Woodcock, Department Head, David Dobkin
Gods and Generals, Department Head, Ron Maxwell
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Department Head, Kevin Smith
Chrystal, Department Head, Ray McKinnon
Big Bad Love, Department Head, Arliss Howard
Iron Will, Department Head/Hair, Charles Haid
The Hangover, Key Makeup, Todd Phillips
Obsessed, Key Makeup, Steve Shill
Superhero, Key Makeup, Craig Mazin
The Heartbreak Kid, Key Makeup, Farrelly Brothers
Bad News Bears, Key Makeup, Rick Linklater
Tombstone, Key Hair, George Cosmatos
Dances With Wolves, Key Makeup, Kevin Costner
Silent Tongue, Key Makeup, Sam Shepard
Thunderheart, Key Makeup, Michael Apted
King of California, Key Makeup, Michael Cahill

Big Love, Department Head, Various Directors
Saturday Night Live, Tim McGraw’s Hairstylist, Various Directors
Unhitched, Department Head, John Blanchard
The Elian Gonzales Story, Department Head, Chris Leitch
Bloodhounds, Department Head, Michael Kattleman
Fishbowl, Department Head, Kayo Hatta
David Cassidy Story, Department Head, Peter Werner
The 70′s, Department Head, Peter Werner
Pirates of Silicon Valley, Department Head, Martyn Burke
Hefner, Department Head, Peter Werner
CSS Hunley, Key Makeup, John Gray
A Will of Their Own, Key Makeup, Karen Arthur
George Wallace, Key Makeup, John Frankenheimer
Andersonville, Key Makeup, John Frankenheimer
The Love Letter, Key Makeup, Dan Curtis

LA City College, Private Makeup Schools, Cosmetology School
(Licensed Cosmetologist)
Skilled in beauty makeup, theatre makeup, special effects, hand laid facial hair, application of lace beards

EMMY – Nomination best makeup for GEORGE WALLACE
CableACE Award – Won best makeup for GEORGE WALLACE
CableACE – Nomination best makeup for ANDERSONVILLE

Kevin Bacon, John Hurt, Ron White, Frances O’Connor, Heather Graham, Justin Bartha, Mike Tyson, Tim McGraw, Betty White, Billy Bob Thornton, Eugene Levy, Hilary Swank, Jeanne Tripplehorn, William H. Macy, Idris Elba, Debra Winger, Dana DeLaney, Mary McDonald, William Sanderson, Powers Booth, Ernest Borgnine, Kevin Spacey, Bruce Boxleitner, Christine Lahti, Peggy Lipton, Mare Winningham, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Clarence Williams III, Jason Robards, Kevin Smith, Ellen Burstyn, Chloe Sevigny, Bill Paxton. *More upon request.

*I have chosen to list department head and key makeup credits. I have done many more projects than listed, more information available on request.



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