Mind Body Health Politics: Kate Rohr, MD

Dr. Richard L. Miller interviews Dr. Kate Rohr for the first television episode of Mind Body Health & Politics on Mendocino TV!


On Sunday October 30th at 6pm Mind Body Health &Politics will host Orthopedic Surgeon and past MCDH Board member, Doctor Kate Rohr. Joining Dr. Richard L. Miller will be the host of “Building Healthy Communities”, Marianne McGee and Linda Rohr, wife to Dr Kate Rohr.

Doctor Rohr gained national prominence this year by undergoing gender-affirmation surgery at 70 years old. Watch and read the article in the link below from The Washington Post


video courtesy of The Washington Post

We are excited to have Mind Body Health &Politics join Mendocino TV for this special episode at this special time. Watch future episodes of Mind Body Health &Politics on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 6 – 7pm on www.mendocinotv.com and join in the conversation. 


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