Mendocino TV Digital Magazine April 2013

The Abalone Hunter goes to a weekly report!

Charlie Lorenz gives the latest news and updates from the North Coast every Thursday afternoon from Mendocino TV. Log in to hear about the weather conditions, any closures, local competitions, latest news from the divers and dive tips.

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Keith Wyner interviews Susan Lightfoot

  • Keith and Susan Discuss the state of the food economy in Mendocino County
  • Genetic Engineered food is again in the news
  • See the Earth Day Calendar

Mendocino Media Makers new host is Lindy Peters

  • Lindy Peters takes over as the new host for Mendocino Media Makers
  • A new day and time, Thursdays at 7:00pm

Opening Day Watch by The Abalone Hunter

ABALONE HUNTER LOGO webCharlie Lorenz, “The Abalone Hunter” takes his watch with MAW on opening day!

Due to the extremely low tides, Mendocino Abalone Watch had observers all along the coastal bluffs. The City of Fort Bragg opened up their closed section of “The Coastal Trail” to MAW for access to observation posts along the coastal bluffs.

The day was incident free …

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Naturally Mendocino Interviews Susan Lightfoot

CoryFarm2Fork is a new initiative of North Coast Opportunities/Community Action aiming to ramp up institutional purchasing of local food in Mendocino County.

Find out about genetically engineered labeling and see the Earth Day Calendar

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Mendocino Media Makers welcomes Cindy Lemas and Patty Androff

CINDYLStreamed Live from “The Company Store” on, Todays Mendocino Media Makers show with Cindy Lemas and Patty Androff

Mendocino Media Makers, hosted by Lindy Peters, welcomed Cindy Lemas and Patty Androff to the Mendocino TV studio on Thursday March 28 in the historic Union Lumber Company Store and live on the internet at


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