Mendocino Winegrowers Pruning Contest 2014 Ukiah, Mendocino, California

The hard workers of the vineyards of Mendocino County meet to contest for the winning spot of the coveted annual pruning awards.

Aubrey Rawlins, George Lee, and Martha Barra of Barra of Mendocino talk about the event, the history, and how they are participating. This event was held in February, 2014 at the Hop Kiln Vineyards in Ukiah, California. This is a tribute to all those who care for the vineyards that produce some of the best, award-winning wines in the world.

The USDA, through a grant to the Mendocino Winegrowers Inc., helps make this event also educational. The workers are taught before the event on pruning techniques. Afterwards, the judges assess the pruning jobs of the contestants and inform the vineyard managers of the results. The managers can then help those that were not up to par learn how to increase their pruning skills going forward. This contest and education is a super way to acknowledge these workers who are fundamental to the success of all the Mendocino County vineyards. Good job folks!

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