Doug Mckenty of The Shift interviews Doug Fine from Hemp Bound

Join host Doug McKenty for this July 10, 2014 episode of “The Shift”

The Shift Doug FineFeaturing national bestselling author Doug Fine about his new book Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Frontline of the Next Agricultural Revolution .  Doug’s previous book Too High to Fail, chronicled the medical marijuana movement right here in Mendocino County and we are extremely pleased to host this well respected national name who is so knowledgable about this important local issue.

Doug has been featured on a host of national broadcasts including “The Tonight Show,” and  “Conan O’Brian.”  He has produced his own TED talk and testified before the United Nations on issues pertaining to the marijuana and hemp revolutions.  For more information, please visit:

This interview will launch an an depth discussion within our community and around the world about the effects of marijuana and hemp criminalization on our social welfare as well as continued updates as events trend towards legalization.  Stay tuned to for more coming soon!!

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