“Spotlight on Mendocino County”

Wineries: Women in Wine

This online travel talk show is part of our coverage on the Mendocino County wine industry and gives you an insight on what’s happening in the wine industry these days, particularly when you get to see the women running their vineyards and making the wines. You’ll see scenes from their vineyards and tasting rooms while they talk too.

“Women in Wine” was filmed at the Roederer Estate in Anderson Valley (http://www.roedererestate.com/) thanks to Sharon Sullivan, Director of Hospitality & Tasting Room Operations.


1. Suzanne Jahnke-McConnell, Co-owner
Rivino Winery in Ukiah (http://www.rivino.com/)
2. Deanna Starr, Co-owner Milano Family Winery in Hopland (http://www.milanowinery.com/)
3. Stephanie Riven, Winemaker Signal Ridge Vineyards in Anderson Valley (http://www.signalridge.com/)
4. Kristy Charles, Co-owner Foursight Wines in Anderson Valley (http://www.foursightwines.com/)
5. Bink Wines in Anderson Valley, Co-owner Deb Schatzlein (http://www.binkwines.com/)
6. Frey Vineyards in Redwood Valley, Co-owner Eliza Frey (http://www.freywine.com/)
7. Martha Barra, Co-owner Barra of Mendocino, Girasole Vineyards, & in Redwood Valley Cellars in Redwood Valley (http://barraofmendocino.com/and http://www.girasolevineyards.com/)
8. Deborah Wallo, Co-owner Yorkville Cellars Wine in Yorkville Moderator (http://www.yorkvillecellars.com/)

Heidi Cusick Dickerson, Author Mendocino Roots & Ridges, Wine Notes from America’s Greenest Wine Region (http://www.mendocinorootsandridges/)

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