February 25 Fort Bragg Planning Commission Meeting

Watch the Fort Bragg Planning Commission conduct 3 public hearings and approve permits for the following projects:

  • Install four low-profile,National Park Service-style interpretive panels at the southern end
    of MacKerricher State Park (Glass Beach Headlands).
  • Install and Operate a Direct Transfer System at the Waste Ft Bragg LogoManagement’s Existing Solid Waste Collection and Recycling Center on Pudding Creek Road.
  • Granted an Exception to Height for a Nonconforming Freestanding Sign at Eel
    River Fuels Gas Station on Main Street.


  1. I’ve been a fan of Waste Management for much of my life, so when I heard them mention the POD system, I got pretty excited. I just wanted to clarify, the POD system is still in use? Or did Waste Management get rid of that and all they use is the direct transfer system? Being from Los Angeles County, we never had the POD system in place, so I’m hoping to visit Fort Bragg Disposal if they do have the POD system still in place.

    Also, would there be a way I can get an email for the district manager of Fort Bragg Disposal? I’m hoping to ask some questions about the operation.

    Thank you!

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