Fort Bragg Timberwolves host Middletown Mustangs, Friday Oct 21 2016

timberwolves-hosts-mustangs-2016Join the Fort Bragg Timberwolves as they host The Middletown Mustangs this Friday at Timberwolves Stadium.

One for the ages by Dan Rasmussen

With two w2014-07-28-fort-bragg-transmission-1eeks to go before they meet to decide the NCL1 league title I sat down to analysis just who was going to win epic battle between the Middletown Mustangs and the Ft. Bragg Timberwolves.
After looking at all the angles points I found no clear cut edge for either team. I looked at points allowed during the season Ft Bragg 121 points in 7 games for 20.1 points per game average. Middletown 100 points allowed in 6 games for 16.7 per game average. A Slight advantage to Middletown. When looking points scored for the season Ft Bragg has scored 288 for a 41.4 points scored per game. While Middletown has scored 210 points for 35 points per game. A slight advantage for Ft. Bragg. roundmans logo smallWhen you evaluate osport-chrysler-jeep-dodgenly league totals is gets even more difficult to see an advantage for one team over another. Ft Bragg has let up 73 league points. In 5 league games they average letting up 14.6 points per contest. While Middletown in 4 league contests has let up only 16 pts. For a 4 point per game average. Advantage Middletown. Ft Bragg on the other hand has scored 218 league points to date with an average of 43.6 points per game. While Middletown has scored 156 pts. in four contests for 39 points per game. Advantage Ft. Bragg.
So I looked a deeper for and advantage. Neither Ft Bragg’s nor Middletown offPURITY COMMERCIAL.mp4.Still001ense has been stopped this year. Ft Bragg can pass the ball a little better the Mustangs. However Middletown has a more versatile running game. Middletown defense appears stronger but shown to be vulnerable against high powered offenses like Ft. Bragg. The wolverines have let up some points against weaker opponents that Middletown has not. In the end Ft Bragg has home field advantage that may prove to be the difference.
So what going to happen? This is what high school football is all about and this match should be an epic battle. The sryan perkins logoeason has run its course and the two best teams appear evenly matched. So in a little more than a week we will finally know who really the best team in the NCL 1 is. Will be Middletown or Ft Bragg? It is really too close to tell. It is probably come down to turn overs. In games this evenly matched the victory usually

goes to the team that makes the least mistakes. Neither teams makes many of them That is why I predict that this game is one for the ages.

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