Mendocino County Election Results Finally In

building-healthy-communities-logoTwenty three days after our election, Mendocino County has finally completed the process and verified the results!  Not only have they taken the right to vote in person away from the vast majority of its citizens because they shut down our polling stations, it now takes over three weeks to finally verify the election! Outrageous!

Interestingly, the final result percentages are fairly close to the unofficial tallies from Election night in the results that Mendocino TV was most interested in.  One sad note is Measure AF, promoted by Sheriff Allman, which would have provided funding for a local mental health facility failed by one half of one percent as it needed 66.67 % to succeed.  While the Mendocino County Cannabis tax measures AI & AJ passed and has money for mental health attached, it will not have the same positive impact on mental health services. The other local cannabis measure AF (also known as the Heritage Initiative), which would have superseded the county measure, failed receiving only 38% of yes votes.

The Mendocino Coast Healthcare District/Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors will have new members with Steve Lund and Dr. Lucas Campos garnering 4 year positions and Dr. Kevin Miller winning the 2 year term.  They have tremendous issues facing them and it appears the voters wanted new skills and energy to tackle them.

Fort Bragg City Council will have new members with Will Lee and Bernie Norvell handily elected to 4 year terms, bringing fresh ideas and talents to the council.  Fort Bragg also passed Measures AA & AB which will increase the Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT) providing funding for a variety of projects including the Coastal Trail, local playing fields, tourism promotion as well as other projects associated with attracting people to the coast.

John Huff and Kirk Marshall were both elected to the Mendocino Parks & Recreation Board of Directors and are new to that governing body as well.

If you want to acquaint yourselves with these new community leaders, you can review our election forums here on Mendocino TV under our Naturally Mendocino shows.

Given the changes in leadership and the many complex issues facing all of us, it is important for citizens to become involved in creating and implementing solutions.  Mendocino TV is committed to bringing vital local information to our community to enable this participation, which is critical to building healthy communities!

For the final election results click on the link below.

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