Fort Bragg Unified School District Board of Trustees March 8th 2018

Mendocino TV will continue to broadcast and record FBUSD school board meetings for our audience based on editorial and journalistic considerations.

Mendocino TV broadcasts Timberwolves Football at no cost to the School District. The travel and broadcast expenses were funded last year by the generous support of local advertisers. We will keep to that business model at this time to offset expenses. Our audience appreciates our hard work and dedication to independent journalism. We will enlist support from the business and private sector.

Mendocino TV will continue making our local government accessible to our viewers / citizens hosting and broadcasting many forums for candidates and political issues. With FBUSD Board members up for election this year we will closely follow the challengers and the incumbents and the issues, as they come to light.

This is an exciting time for New Media and we are more than happy to bring our community close to the political process.

Thank you,

Terry Vaughn



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