Norman de Vall discusses his background and experience arriving to the Mendocino Coast in the early Sixties.

Norman served 16 years as a Mendocino County Supervisor for the Fifth District.

Enjoy this ‘story time’ interview with Norman deVall, a Mendocino County supervisor from the 5th district for 4 terms, 1979-1995. Find out how the Cuban missile crisis propelled folks from San Francisco to the refuge of a dada house in Caspar. Learn about the skeletons and confrontations around Ames lodge and what transpired with an outrageous building inspector that led Norman to become a supervisor. Names are named and the ongoing political battles of the era are given new life with the wisdom of age and an excellent memory for human details. What Norman offers is wise counsel and keen insight. He is so worthy of our attention; as Kate Wolf so softly put it: “We’ve only got these times we’re living in.”

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