Mendocino Coast Hospital District Board of Directors March 29, 2018

iMendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) Board of Directors met March 29, 2018 and most of the important operational information was presented with more detail at the previous meetings this week of the MCDH Planning Committee and the MCDH Finance Committee, which can be viewed with these links.

Additionally, the very important February Financial Narrative are also in the Finance Committee post, although CEO Edwards was very upset that the Finance Committee Report was presented and recorded by Mendocino TV without a quorum present, since Chair Lucas Campos was missing in action!  Dr. Campos was also the subject of Public Comments, given he was not present from San Francisco via telephone, is no longer affiliated with NCFHC or Summit Pain Alliance, so his residency was questioned!

Please note the Report on Closed Session and first 3 citizens who spoke are not included in this video, although all Public Comments will be covered in a subsequent post because they are so important!  Generally all speakers sang the praises of Interim CFO John Parigi, who presented a factual report outlining a plan for MCDH to literally capture millions of dollars through improving the systems and capturing monies from Accounts Receivables which must be done soon or it will be lost.  Speakers called for the MCDH Board to keep Mr. Parigi and to fire CEO Bob Edwards, given that his Evaluation was to be discussed later in a closed session.  Apparently, the MCDH Board ratified Edwards decision to let Mr. Parigi go.  Mr. Parigi did state that MCDH will take 5 years to stabilize its financial health and may not survive without some affiliation with a major organization.

A separate post will also be made with the video clips from Mr. Edwards CEO report.  After 3 years of short and upbeat items in his report, it appears that Mr. Edwards may have listened to some of the financial plans, although his report is confusing.

John Ruprecht is back serving as the MCDH attorney and the Santa Rosa legal firm was dismissed after 2 months and $40,000 in expenses.

Watch this video and the subsequent posts and draw your own conclusions about the status of the hospital!  Mendocino TV is committed to continuing to record and report on MCDH meetings as we strongly believe a healthy hospital is critical to build healthy communities.

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