David Roderick Interview with Skip Taube for Naturally Mendocino

Dear Skip,
Regarding my reasons and qualifications for running for the 5th District Supervisor position, I can offer the following background and insights:
Moving to the Little River area with my parents in 1974, ( at age 9 ), our house was just north of the Heritage House on Top o’ the Hill. I attended grammar and middle school in Mendocino. I had the fortunate experience to have several exceptional teachers at the time including Bill Patton, Beth Bell, Jerry Butler and Bob Ayers. Growing up on the coast in the mid-seventies to early eighties was a wondrous time for which I have many fond memories. I witnessed many wonderful things on the coast; staying at the MacCallum House before it was a hotel, still a private residence, with Saturday Evening Post’s with Norman Rockwell covers from 1947 still placed next to the reading chair, the candy counter at Mendosa’s Market after school, Halloween night in Mendocino and cleaning up town the next day, pancakes at the fire station, The Salmon BBQ in Ft. Bragg, where the salmon was actually caught off Ft. Bragg. The Albion People’s fare. The Comptche Volunteer Fire Fighter’s BBQ and Philo and his band playing music. Overnight boat camping on Big River, alone, as an 11 year old kid, trusted by my parents to show good judgement and self-reliance.

Fishing off the rocks on the ocean below my house. Visiting my friends living on Navarro ridge and in the Comptche area and sleeping in handmade houses. Being the first class ( 6th grade ) to move into the new grammar school built on Little Lake Road. Marching in the High School band as an 8th grader. Pig hunting with Vietnam Veterans with nothing but dogs and a knife near the old radar station east of Pt. Arena. Going to work with my Dad and learning the trade of ceramic tile and masonry at a young age. This is the Mendocino Coast I loved, and do love.
Moving to Anderson Valley for high school in 1980, I was able to experience a whole new side of Mendocino County. Playing football, usually getting beat by Mendocino during the Boonville Fair. I learned to fly airplanes by participating in the school flight program. Anderson Valley allowed me to learn and work in agriculture and serve as the Future Farmers of America (FFA) President for Mendocino and Lake Counties. Traveling around both counties holding parliamentary style meetings. Nominated to the US Naval Academy my senior year. I graduated in 1983 as a licensed aircraft pilot from that unique school program. Graduating from the University of Utah with a BS in Psychology with a minor in Construction Management completed my education.

Following college I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to work in the construction industry ( 1988 ), working for a firm building high-rise buildings and heavy seismic upgrades of existing multi-story buildings in San Francisco. Experienced the Loma Prieta earthquake ( 1989 ), which was good for the seismic retro-fit business. Hired as an estimator for an industrial builder (specializing in manufacturing and refining facilities) in Oakland, I quickly learned about metal roof and wall panel systems. Metal roofing was becoming very popular on public buildings and schools, but my boss at the time didn’t want to pursue that market. So I founded Architectural Metal, Inc. in 1993, age 28.
Since the early years in Mendocino, Anderson Valley and the Bay Area, I now reside in Hopland where I have operated successfully for twenty five years, employing seventeen fabricators and installers and two office staff. I am a husband and parent, a rancher, vineyard owner and an active member of my community and the County, serving on the Hopland Fire District Board of Directors and the Hopland Municipal Advisory Council. I am a founding member of the Mendocino County Association of Fire Districts, an organization that advocates for improved services from local fire and emergency service providers and to increase funding for these services. I’m honored to work with the current Board of Supervisors on the ad hoc level to provide guidance on Fire/EMS issues within our county. As a county supervisor, I will continue to stress the primary importance of public safety. Having built a successful business, I have the experience to help guide the next generation of business owners to assure their success.
In addition, I will focus on the key issues of economic development, county budget sustainability and reducing pension debt, facilitate real housing solutions, increasing opportunities and mentoring for our youth, and preparing our county response to the challenges of climate change.
Finally, agreeing to step forward to serve our county is a calling that I feel I must answer at a time when our citizens are under stress. Life in Mendocino County has many challenges. I hope to bring practical solutions to these challenges.
I respectfully ask for your vote of the citizens of the 5th District.
David Roderick
Candidate for the 5th District


  1. The interview started out fine but then we got to the Measure V issue. At that point the interview turned into a debate. Skip vs Dave. Skip spent a lot of time giving us his viewpoint. We are not interested in your viewpoint, Skip. The reason we watch the interview is to get the candidate’s viewpoint, not your viewpoint. Get a clue.

    1. you have to put up with me to get the interview; clues abound and i am searching for an answer.

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