Mendocino Coast District Hospital Board of Directors Candidates Forum on Building Healthy Communities

Join Host Marianne McGee and Candidates for MCDH Board of Directors as they discuss the issues the hospital faces.

Mendocino TV broadcast live, Mendocino Coast District Hospital Candidates Forum on Wednesday, September 28 at 6:00 -7:30 PM

fb-city-council-candidates-buttonThe event was hosted by Marianne McGee, and the format gave each candidate an opportunity to introduce themselves and then respond to questions relevant to governing the Mendocino Coast District Hospital.  A unique aspect is that we do offer people a chance to call in on (707) 964-0101 with their own questions or submit them via an on-line chat app as they watch the live broadcast.

Since we often have critical video clips that are relevant to the subject, we post them on the web page for the event prior to the event. The upcoming forum has just such a video. In this clip we find Sean Hogan lamenting the fact that he has been attempting to convey to the rest of the Board just how broken their financial software has been since it’s purchase 10 years ago. Specifically the past administrations decided to forgo purchasing the Executive Support System module. This module gives the financial department the ability to break down expenses on a department by department basis.

mcrpd-board-candidates-small-buttonWe, at Mendocino TV believe this is the most important piece of information we have recorded since we have been recording the hospital’s board meetings. Prior to watching the Candidates Forum on Wednesday we sincerely urge everyone to watch this short clip which explains where so much of the confusion and chaos in the past few years has come from. We are astonished that a 55 million dollar budget has been administered while steering the hospital through it’s recent bankruptcy, in effect, BLIND.

In addition to the live broadcast, our event will be available for people to view on and Channel 3 throughout the election season.


  1. I would really like to be able to watch your videos of important meetings on the coast. However, I do not seem to have sufficient DSL (via Fusion) speed to get very far into the tapes. I don’t know how to remedy this situation. Do you have control over this problem. I’m able to watch other YouTube and such videos without problems.

    1. There were problems in New York, where the servers from Livestream are but that should be fine now. If you still have problems, perform a speedtest at and e-mail me with the results.
      Speed, video atempting to watch and the video’s url.

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