County of Mendocino Cannabis Cultivation Ad Hoc Committee

  • 1.Welcoming Remarks
  • 2.Status update on items previously approved by the Board Several amendments previously directed by the Board require Planning Commission approval. These includetiered nursery permits; generators; visibility from a public right of way; and Industrial zoning code changes. Cannabis fee related items will be part of the County’s fee hearing process in April or May.
  • 3.Major Discussion Pointsfor Reconsideration a.10A.17.080
    • (A) –Should Use Permits, which require site specific environmental review, be required for all Phase Three (1/1/2020) permit applications?
    • b.10A.17.080 (A) –Should new permit applications be allowed in RL (Rangeland) subject to a Use Permit?
    • c.10A.17.060 Permit Types –Should permit size be increased to one acre for conforming parcels in RL, AG (Agriculture) and UR (Upland Residential) but only for Outdoor Cultivation to limit the proliferation of hoop houses and greenhouses? Should this require a Use Permit?
    • d.10A.17.070 (D) -Subject to a Major Use Permit should more than two permits per parcel be allowed? Should the total square footage be allowed to exceed an acre, perhaps up to four acres, provided no single permit exceeds an acre? Should this be limited to specific zones or geographical areas?
    • e.10A.17.070 (K) Non-Transferability of Permits –Should existing cultivators (Phase One) have the option to apply for a Use Permit to allow for Transferability of their Agricultural Permit? A UsePermit, if granted, would entitle a new owner to continue cultivation provided they comply with all terms of the Use Permit and apply for, obtain and comply with all conditions of a cultivation permit.
  • 4.Other items from the public
  • 5.Closing Remarks

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