Forum for State Senate candidates (Second District)

State Senate District 2 Forum

state senate seal    Fort Bragg was the only forum where State Senate District 2 Candidates Lawrence Wiesner (R) and Mike McGuire (D) have met face to face throughout the entire race in this gigantic district, spanning from the Oregon border to the Golden Gate Bridge. The forum, again sponsored by the League of Women Voters, elicited a crowd of about 25 people, who were quite engaged in the process. While this observer was not really expecting much of interest, people submitted fascinating questions and a lively dialogue occurred.
Mr. Wiesner, who has often been the token Republican running in this heavily Democratic and Independent region, had some concrete ideas regarding fiscal issues. He brings a great deal of financial experience given he is a Certified Public Accountant and ran several successful businesses. I did almost fall out of my chair when he said “there had been 50 million deaths of people because of Roe V. Wade” and speculated those people might have grown up to keep us out of the dire straits this state now finds itself in.
Mr. McGuire is a young, energetic Sonoma County Supervisor, who has been endorsed by all the Democratic power brokers, and appears to have a bright political future ahead of him. He did make specific commitments to continue to serve rural constituencies and promises to have solid presence in Mendocino County and the north coast.
So, while the Mr. McGuire, as the democratic candidate, is expected to win this State Senate Seat, it’s worthwhile to watch the video to see what to expect of him as our representative.
Please do remember to vote by November 4 on the critical issues and candidates facing us this year.

Contact info: Lawrence Weisner, 707-578-5905,
Mike McGuire, 707-838-3279,


  1. I really enjoyed this debate. I’ve been a Mike McGuire supporter, so this was a tough decision for me. You both acquitted yourselves quite well, but Lawrence, I was very impressed with your wisdom, honesty, character, truth-telling, and gentility: you have a certain groundedness and maturity and clarity that shows a life well-lived. I’m grateful to the League of Women Voters for sponsoring events like this that really help the voter to decide, and after reading both your and Mike McGuire’s websites and viewing this video, I changed my vote to you. In this county, it’s a long shot for you to win, especially as Mike McGuire has done a great job, but I’m still voting for you because I’m thankful to people like you for running and caring about reforming education, spending, tax laws, immigration, and voting integrity. I hope more people who think like you will run in future.. I am a registered Democrat, but at 38-years old, a woman, a German major in college, an SRJC instructional employee in remedial Math and English and the GED, former City of Santa Rosa employee in Accounting (Payroll and Benefits), former bookkeeper for small businesses, and former mom-and-pop small business owner,I have become an Independent in my middle-age. I see on a regular basis the waste in government, the need to return to principles outlined by our Founding Fathers, and the need to better educate our students in California. I would love to see more vocational education available in our schools, and a focus on teaching math, English, civics, economics, and science in our schools. Thank you for running, and I hope you win!

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